Welcome to the Bayview Medical Clinic!



The Bayview Medical Clinic is located at 1650 Terminal Avenue North, just north of the Terminal Park Mall.  Please see the Access and Parking link for more information and a map.  You must approach the building from the South.

All parking is at the front of the building.  There is pedestrian and scooter access from the rear of the building.   The rear entry is too steep for regular wheel chairs.

Appointments and General Information: Main number 250-591-3040

Whats New? - Updated Nov 18, 2017

  • Dr. Kerry Coates retired September 1, 2017!
  • Please welcome her replacement Dr. Bil Noppers!
    The Bayview Medical Clinic is very pleased to announced that Dr. Bil Noppers will be coming to join our practice on September 5, 2017, replacing Dr. Coates who will be retiring after practicing for over 35 years.  Dr. Coates may continue to do some locum work in the clinic as well.  Dr. Carruthers, is planning on continuing practice at least a few more years.
    Dr. Noppers retired from the Canadian Forces in November 2016 after almost 26 years of service as a helicopter pilot and later as a physician.  He has most recently served in Fredricton, New Brunswick.
    He is looking forward to getting to know Vancouver Island and getting away from the winter's icey grip on the east coast.
    Please give him a warm welcome!

Whats New? - Updated May 8, 2017

  • IMPORTANT - Strata Allocated Parking!
    As many of you will have noticed, the Strata Owners in our building have now moved to "Strata Allocated"  parking.  Each Strata Unit will need to stay within in its own parking allocation.
    Allocated Parking: Our clinic owns 5 marked parking stalls which are located immediately in front of our clinic.  Handicapped parking has been moved immediately south of the main lobby entrance. Typically, we will have 2-4 patients in the clinic at any one time and the parking should be adequate for our needs... as long as we stay strictly on time with each appointment!  If you park in other Strata parking areas, you could be towed!
    Appointment Scheduling: Routine appointments are booked for 10 minutes.  If there are multiple problems or many prescriptions, a followup appointment may be required.  Please book prescriptions refills 2 or more weeks before you run out.  If there happens to be a very complex problem we will book a longer follow-up appointment to investigate.  Complete physicals are booked for 20 minutes, and prolonged counselling are also booked for 20 minutes.  Prescriptions for chronic conditions should be booked separately from physicals.
    Don't come too early!: We would ask all our patients to please arrive only a few minutes (3-5) before their appointments.  Please do not come more than 5 minutes early.  If our parking stalls are full when you arrive we would ask you to please circle around the large block (about 3 min), and come back.  Please do not park in the stalls allocated to other Strata Units. Trucks and larger vehicles may back in, but please avoid blocking the adjacent sidewalk adjacent to the clinic.  Please centre your vehicle carefully.
    Large Vehicles: The current stalls are not large enough for very large vehicles. Patients with very large trucks may park offsite at the nearby Brechin United Church but need to display a clinic business card on the dashboard.  It is a pleasant 5 minute walk to the office from the church parking lot along the path adjacent to the school grounds. 


Whats New? - Updated April 15, 2017

  • Practice Closure - Dr. Lauren Clark Gallant.  Dr. Henk Reems retired January 23, 2015 and was replaced by Dr. Lauren Clark-Gallant as a long term locum. We were unfortunatley unable to replace her and her practice was officially closed on April 15, 2017.  All medical records remain available.  There will be a service charge of $30 to export your medical records into a PDF format and copy they on to a DVD.  These records can be viewed, printed or imported by your new physician.

Whats New? - Updated June 9, 2014


  • Accession is a secure Internet-based portal through which patients can become more active participants in their health care.

    Accession Patient allows patients to make appointments online and if enabled by your doctor access your Laboratory and Medical Imaging reports.

    To use the Accession Patient Portal, you must accept the Terms and Conditions which will be displayed for you at your first logn.  If you would like to review the Terms and Conditions, please see the link below.

    How do you gain access to Accession? If you are are a clinic patient and would be interested in trying the Accession Patient Portal, please discuss this with your doctor or our office staff when you are next in!  You will be emailed a unique Username and a Temporary Password. When you first log in, you will be required to change your password.  Passwords currently are set to expire after 180 days which is quite standard for computer security.  You will need to change your password after 180 days has elapsed when you log in to maintain your access. To log in, please click on the Accession logo above, or the link below.  We would suggest keeping this link as a "short cut" in your browser.

  • Password security has been set quite high: 8 or more characters, a mix of upper and lower case alphabetic characters and must contain at least one numeric character and one special character (e.g. %,*,!,?).  An example strong password would be "Winter.1"

  • IMPORTANT HINT:  We would strongly recommend that you use your computer's Mouse to Select theTemporary Password in the registration email, and then Right Click, or use Ctrl C to copy it to the "Windows Clipboard" and finally Left Click on the Login Password Field and "PASTE" (Right click and select paste or using the keyboard, Ctrl V) the password in. The Temporary Password is basically too long and difficult to reliably type in manually.

  • Link to Access  https://bayviewmedicalclinic.myaccession.com

Resources - Health Links - Last updated November 2017

  • This page has been updated with some new links. 


  • We carry Tetanus/diphtheria (due every 10 years), Pneumoccoal vaccine (indicated for everyone over 65 or with a chronic disease, one-two shots only), Twinrix travel vaccine for hepatitis A and B (ideally plan this 6 months prior to departure).  During the flu season, please also refer to the Vancouver Island Health Authorities special web siteVIHA Influenza Information. There are links there to local VIHA flu clinics provided by Public Health. Most pharmacies can now supply flu shots for a fee, or free for qualifying groups. We no longer run flu clinics and keep very limited quantities of flu vaccine on site.


  • Click this link for more site construction pictures - Nov 4, 2010


Reception Area

Terminal Avenue Approach - Nov 28, 2010


Pedestrian Access from the Rear - Stairs North East Corner

These can be used, but probably not by the frail elderly.  Nov 28, 2010

Pedestrian Access from the Rear - North East Corner - June 29, 2011. 

 A new path was recently installed behind the building by the City of Nanaimo.

This further improves Pedestrian, Bike and Scooter access.


Chestnut Approach.  There is now improved access and landscaping at the South East corner of the building.

This allows for improved Pedestrian, Bike and Scooter access from Chestnut Street at the rear of the building.

June 29, 2011