What is Accession?

Accession is an Internet-based Portal through which patients can become more active participants in their health care.  Accession allows patients to make appointments online and to access information contained in their clinic records.

The Bayview Medical Clinic is in the process of starting to test and implement this system and there may be errors or times when the website below is down. These outages are outside of the control of the Bayview Medical Clinic as this service is controlled by our medical record provider.

By using Accession Patient Portal, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and should be aware of the Privacy Statement.  Both documents have links listed on our Home Page.

How do I gain access to Accession?


Your doctor or clinic staff will provide you with a user name and a password.  You can then login at the following Internet address:


What can I do with Accession?

Book appointments - Currently available for all registered patients.

At the present time, only regular 10-minute appointments for a single issue with your usual family physician can be booked online. If you want to schedule another type of appointment, or if you wish to see someone other than your own family doctor, you must phone the clinic. In addition, if you have any forms that need completion, please call the clinic to ensure you are informed of any potential fees that may be associated with the forms. The phone call will also allow our staff to book an appointment of appropriate duration for the complexity of the form.


Some examples of appropriate online appointments:  Acute minor illness and chronic stable illness, minor injuries, Worksafe BC injuries, Medication review and refills, reviewing tests results, management of hypertension , stable heart failure, stable diabetes etc.  Well baby check ups.

Some examples of innapropriate online appointments: Medical emergencies and unstable medical illness, Driver's Examinations, Complete Physicals of any sort, Pap Smears,  Tru BP Blood Pressures, all Medical Procedures such as injections, excisions, lacerations. New Patient interviews.  Please call our staff for advice. This allows them to better priortize your appointment, adjust the appointment length, as well as insure supplies and equipment are avalable.

We ask also that you clearly record a brief but helpful "Reason for your Visit" at the time you are making your appointment.


You will be limited to scheduling a maximum of only a single future appointment.  Once that appointment has passed, you book another one.

Change your demographic information - Currently available for all registered patients.

Enter medical information into your chart - Currently this is not enabled at Bayview as yet.

Check on the status of pending specialist referrals - Currently this is enabled for Dr. Carruthers patients

Review laboratory and medical imaging results - Currently this is enabled for Dr. Carruthers patients


Please note that in order for your report to be available to you online, your family doctor must have reviewed the information first.

View portions of your medical record - This can only be enabled by your own physician and will be done only a case by basis depending on the specific purpose and potential benefit.

If you have questions about why certain information is recorded, or conversely, why something is omitted, please feel free to discuss the matter with your doctor at your next appointment.

Any Questions?

If you require additional information, please feel free to talk to your doctor at your next visit.