Chart Transfers


If you are a new patient coming from out-of-town, records from your previous physician should not be transferred until you have seen your new doctor and a medical history has been obtained. He or she can then request a chart summary and any pertinent records from your previous physician. Actual “transfer” of records does not occur, as the College of Physicians and Surgeons requires physicians to keep medical records in their own possession. A fee will usually be charged by your previous doctor to send copies of records, or to dictate a summary of your medical chart.

With the wide spread use of Electronic Medical Records, your doctor may be able to provide you a copy of pertinent parts of your medical records in an electronic format. Our preferred file format is PDF, the Adobe Portable Document Format.  We can support both USB and DVD media formats.  Complex charts, in both electronic and Paper format still require signficant work at our end to enter them into our own Electronic Medical Record.  Services Charges will apply in these cases.