Prescriptions and refills are usually provided for whatever length of time is reasonable for the particular condition. Please remember that when you make an appointment to refill these prescriptions, the appointment is for the review of the underlying condition(s), not just a prescription. When it is not practical to review multiple problems, multiple drugs and multiple tests at single visit, we may give shorter prescriptions or “stagger” them in order to give adequate time for review of each condition.

For routine prescriptions, please plan ahead and book your appointment for 1-2 weeks before you run out. This gives us time to order any blood tests before you actually fill your prescription and leaves room for the “unexpected” emergency. Book morning appointments if possible. This leaves us available for more urgent problems in the afternoon.

Telephone Prescriptions

Although we can do this in emergencies, we strongly discourage the practice. If a prescription is phoned in, it requires a review of your records, a call to the pharmacy, and finally, dictation and typing into the medical record. There will be a fee charged to you for this service.