Timing and Scheduling

There are many reasons that our carefully constructed appointment schedules may be completely disrupted. Examples include calls from the hospital or other doctors, or some patients that are very sick and require far more than their allotted appointment time.

While the above examples are unavoidable, the most common problem is patients saving up multiple problems and prescriptions and needing them to all be done today. Most family physicians, including ourselves, allow 10 minutes for an appointment, and we would ask that you respect this time frame. We are not able to accommodate longer appointments at the patient’s convenience, and our reception staff will not be able to book these. If you present with many problems, we will try to deal with the most pressing problem or problems, and then ask you to make another appointment to deal with the rest.

Discuss with your doctor appropriate review intervals for your medical problems. If you have four significant medical problems (for example diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and asthma) requiring prescriptions, it is not fair to either the doctor or yourself to squeeze the ongoing management of these important conditions into a single 10-minute appointment once every six months. Problems should be reviewed at a sensible interval that minimizes cost to the system and respects your time, but also respects the limitations of a 10-minute appointment.

Thank you for your help on this issue. Being behind stresses out the doctor and wastes your time.