Uninsured Services


The Medical Services Plan covers most “necessary” medical services. There are some exceptions, however. These include cosmetic procedures, forms and physicals required for work, and many other items. There is Fee Guide at the Front Desk for the most common “Uninsured Services". If you make an appointment for an uninsured service, please be aware that you will be responsible for any charges.

Please review all forms before bringing them to the doctor, and make sure you have completed and signed any sections required of you. Some forms from employers and insurance companies can be dropped off for completion. If we have sufficient information, they can be completed without an appointment. If we need more information, however, you will be asked to make an appointment. Any forms that specifically require a physical examination, however, including Driver or Occupational Exams, will require an appointment. Please give details to our staff so that an appropriate amount of time can be booked. Fees for forms are due on completion.

Sick notes for absence from school or work are really only appropriate for prolonged illnesses. If you are only sick for a few days and don’t need medical care, you don’t need to be seen. Please be aware that if you do make an appointment solely for the purpose of obtaining a note, you will have to be billed for a full visit (about $30), as MSP does not pay for this service. We ask that Employers please not use scarce medical services in an attempt to police employees’ sick leave. The usual fee for Time Loss Certificates is $15.